The Mohamed Muizzu administration has assured the public that the work on the previous Ibrahim Mohamed Solih administration’s Binveriya housing scheme will continue.

Under Secretary for Public Policy at the President’s Office, Mohamed Firzul Abdulla Khaleel, while attending the ‘Malé Binveringe Sallaa‘, or Malé Landowners’ Consultations, held at Sultan Park Saturday night, said that the President was working towards four things in order to maintain administrative continuity and fulfil the commitment of the previous administration on housing.

The four things, he said, were the work of adding land to the allocated plots by completing reclamation work, establishing their basic infrastructure, establishing transportation systems, and handing over the land registry to the people.

“These four things in themselves will certainly enable us to live in them as a community with ease. The President’s assurance is that these four works will continue together without any interruption,” Khaleel said.

Khaleel said the administration would continue issuing registries as land is reclaimed. The president has also assured that those who can be issued a temporary document will be issued one, he said.

Khaleel also provided updates on the progress of the third phase of the projects.

“Around 50 to 54 hectares have been reclaimed at Giraavaru. Around 94 hectares have been reclaimed at Gulhifalhu. From what I understand, reclamation of the second segment at Hulhumalé is now underway,” he said.

There will be no stoppages in the reclamation work at the allocated areas, and areas being reclaimed are bigger than which had previously been allocated, he said.

The meeting was attended by some members of the public who had expressed concern over the failure to hand over the land allocated under the Solih administration in Gulhifalhu, Giraavaru, and Hulhumalé.