The Democrats have condemned the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP)’s position on the inauguration of the president-elect amidst the ongoing no-confidence motion against Speaker of Parliament Mohamed Nasheed.

 The Democrats, in a statement, accused President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih of using the MDP’s parliamentary group in an attempt to obstruct president-elect Mohamed Muizzu’s inauguration.

 “We urge you to reflect on the people’s decision, to respect the Constitution and the principles of democracy, and the rules of morality,” the statement read.

 The Democrats statement comes at a time the parliament is preparing to vote on the MDP initiated no-confidence motion against Nasheed, which was submitted with the support of 49 members of 87-member legislative assembly. While the no-confidence motion requires 44 votes to carry through and vacate the speaker’s chair, the MDP has issued a three-line whip for the vote now scheduled for Sunday.

 Meanwhile, the MDP alleges that Nasheed is employing every possible resource, even breaching procedural rules of parliament, to retain his position. The party has also said that Deputy-Speaker Eva Abdulla may not attend the sitting on Sunday, which would cause further delays. In such an event, MPs will refrain from participating in any further legislative business, the party has said.

The MDP has warned that it will not accept the president’s oath on 17 November as legitimate if it is taken in the presence of a Speaker in whom parliament has no confidence.