The Ministry of Education has announced that 16 students from the nation have secured top 10 positions in this year’s international O-Level rankings. This impressive feat follows last year’s O-Level exams, which saw 6,300 Maldivian students participate, with 844 students making it to the esteemed Maldivian top 10.

About 11 girls and 5 boys have claimed spots in the international top 10. Notably, nine students have attained the first position globally in different subjects, showcasing their exceptional academic prowess.

The Education Ministry highlighted an overall improvement in student performance, emphasising increased pass rates across various subjects. Noteworthy statistics include a significant milestone in the business stream, where an impressive 75% of students have passed for the first time. Additionally, an outstanding 80% of students have successfully passed in arts and science subjects. The percentage of students passing the English language exam has surged to over 73%.

A research conducted by the Education Ministry reveals a three per cent rise in the number of students achieving an A pass compared to previous years. Moreover, there has been a one per cent increase in students securing a B pass. However, the research also indicates a slight rise in the number of students receiving the lowest grades.

The achievements of both A-Level and O-Level students have garnered recognition both internationally and nationally. In a special event held last night, the President presented the top achievers with special awards, adding to their accolades and celebrating their exceptional academic accomplishments.