Minister of Construction and Infrastructure Abdulla Muththalib has said that 90 hectares of land, out of 150 hectares, have now been reclaimed at Gulhifalhu.

The minister, in a post to social media on Thursday, said the work is ongoing and on schedule.

Gulhifalhu Reclamation is ongoing non-stop as per the schedule. 90 hectares out of 150 hectares reclaimed. Government is committed to complete the project as soon as possible and start building basic infrastructures.

Dr. Abdulla Muththalib, Minister of Construction and Infrastructure, in a post to social media explaining the status of reclamation at Gulhifalhu.

Speaking at the Ras Malé inauguration ceremony, President Mohamed Muizzu said that an additional 135 hectares of land will be reclaimed from Giraavaru Lagoon and Gulhifalhu. The President said that 85 hectares of land would be added to Gulhifalhu.

Under the second phase of reclamation at Gulhifalhu, the practical work of reclaiming 150 hectares of land from the lagoon to develop the commercial port and provide land to the people of Malé began last July. The project is being carried out by Boskalis of the Netherlands at a cost of US$130.4 million (MVR 2.01 billion). The Ibrahim Mohamed Solih administration had decided to relocate the commercial port to Gulhifalhu.

India’s Exim Bank provided a US$400 million credit line for the port development project, scheduled to be completed by 2026. However, it is, at present, unclear if the administration has appointed a contractor for the project.