Those who are allotted flats under phase II of the government’s ‘Binveriya’ housing scheme will not have to pay for for those flats, and will receive them free, if they relinquish a plot exceeding 400 square feet under their sole ownership within the greater Malé area, the Ministry of National Planning, Housing & Infrastructure has confirmed. The ministry outlined the condition on Saturday in its gazetted policy for beneficiaries of phase II of the scheme.

If a selected beneficiary relinquishes less than 400 square feet, the value of the land will be deducted from the price of the flat with the value calculated at MVR 3,500 per square feet.

The policy further states that the agreement can only be made as reflected in the qualifying applications; single applicants will have the flats registered under their names alone while co-applicants will have their flats registered under their names specifically.

The manner in which points are awarded was also outlined in section five the policy.

Applications can be submitted through the ‘Gedhoruverin Portal’,, by 24 October.