The construction of a modern market that will include a fish market and a local market will begin next week, President Mohamed Muizzu has said.

The President, during the ‘Kangathi Awards’ event commemorating local councils, said the construction of the new fish market would start next week and the modernisation of Malé’s streets would be carried out next year through the city council.

“This administration has come to bring many such facilities and improvements to the people. With a complete plan, good intentions and determination,” Muizzu said.

The reconstruction of the market was awarded on a contractor financing basis when Muizzu was the mayor of the city. The Ibrahim Mohamed Solih administration halted the project before practical work started, citing missing permits and a lack of concept design approval.

Muizzu had said that he was unaware the project had been halted, adding that whenever the city council attempted to undertake ‘anything’ during his tenure as Mayor, the administration obstructed it.

“When I was mayor of Malé City, I tried to do many important things for the people. As you know, they were stopped. We tried to modernise the streets. We brought the local market and fish market under one roof,” Muizzu said.

When he was mayor, Muizzu said the new market would be a four-story building that would feature a parking area in the basement, a fish market on the ground floor, and public markets on the 1st and 3rd floors. The terrace of the building was to be used as a café.

Muizzu said the reconstruction of the Malé Hiya and SinaMalé flats in will start in February without any financial burden to residents.