A sea-ambulance service, between Malé and Villimalé, has been introduced to address the difficulty of transporting patients during emergencies. The service was launched at a ceremony held in Villimalé, where an agreement was signed between Dharumavantha Hospital and the Ministry of Health to provide the service.

The agreement was signed by the Minister of Health, Abdulla Khaleel and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Dharumavantha Hospital, Ibrahim Abdul Razzaq Haleem.

In addition, Minister of Transport Mohamed Ameen handed over the symbolic keys to the sea ambulance to Haleem at the ceremony.

The ambulance, which will be docked at Villimalé, will be under the custody of Villimalé Hospital and Indhira Gandhi Memorial Hospital (IGMH).

Speaking at the ceremony, Khaleel said the introduction of this service will greatly benefit the transportation of patients between Villimalé and Malé.

To further enhance the sea-ambulance service, additional medical equipment will be installed on the vessel, Khaleel said. He also asked residents to share any difficulties they encounter with the ministry. The administration will work closely with residents to find swift solutions to such problems, he said.

The Mohamed Muizzu administration has also decided to build a 100-bed hospital in the island district with a view to expand health services there — with Darmavantha Hospital CEO Haleem telling the media that surveys were being conducted towards such ends.