The Democrats’ National Assembly has unanimously approved, for the next five years, the names proposed by party president Hassan Latheef to top administrative positions.

The party appointed Ali Razzan as Secretary General, Arshad Abdul Hakeem as Counsel General, Thoha Rafeeu as Registrar General and Imthiyaz Fahmee as Spokesperson.

The first meeting of the party’s national assembly was held on Thursday at Billabong International High School.

The Democrats are now preparing for the upcoming parliamentary elections. Those looking to contest the parliamentary elections on the party ticket now have the opportunity to register their interest. At the national assembly meeting, the party also set 17 February as the date for its parliamentary primaries and set forth specific eligibility requirements for congressional ticket aspirants.

These conditions include being a registered party member by 4 February, meeting all candidate requirements as outlined in Article 73 of the Constitution and Article 8 of the Parliamentary Elections Act, and submitting a criminal and debt record clearance form.

Additional reporting by Andrew Richards