The Elections Commission (EC) has invited 15 countries to observe the September presidential election, aimed at ensuring transparency and credibility in the electoral process.

The Commission’s Vice-President, Ismail Habeeb, said the countries invited included those associated with the Association of World Election Bodies (A-Web) and the SAARC Forum of Election Management Bodies of South Asia (FENBOSA).

Habeeb stated that countries participating in A-Web and FENBOSA were automatically invited to observe the elections. Furthermore, nations extending invitations to the Maldives were also considered for observer status. Among the countries invited are Georgia, the Philippines, Australia, Japan, Canada, South Korea, South Africa, Thailand, Nepal, and Sri Lanka.

To facilitate the observation process, the EC has requested two representatives from each country. The commission has assured necessary arrangements, including accommodation, meals, and transportation, during the representatives’ stay. By engaging international observers, the EC aims to enhance the credibility of the electoral process. It will also foster an environment of fairness and transparency.

In addition to the observer mission, the electoral body is actively recruiting officials to fulfill crucial roles during the election. A total of 296 employees are required for the presidential election task force, while an additional 6,000 officials are being sought to assist in various capacities.