Nilandhoo MP Abdul Muhusin Hameed, who won the seat as an independent candidate, has officially signed up for the ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP). Hameed handed over his membership form to the MDP during a ceremony held in Nilandhoo Island, Faafu Atoll. It coincided with President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih’s visit to the island. 

MP Hameed’s decision to join the MDP aligns with his support for the party’s petition to remove Eva Abdulla from her position as Vice-Speaker of the Parliament. The move comes at a time when a group of key political figures loyal to former President and current Parliament Speaker Mohamed Nasheed have left the MDP and commenced working on forming a new political party to compete in the upcoming presidential election. However, former President Nasheed has not yet resigned from the MDP.

The group of departing members extends beyond parliamentary representation, with 12 MPs, former Managing Director of State Trading Organisation (STO) Hussain Amr, former Vice President of MDP Mohamed Shifaz, and several other senior figures severing ties with the MDP. These departures highlight the significant internal divisions within the party.

MP Hameed’s signing¬†demonstrates the MDP’s continuous efforts to expand its support base ahead of the presidential election and strengthen the party’s position within the parliament.

With the addition of MP Hameed, the MDP now has 56 members in the 87-member parliament. This marks a decrease from their previous count of 67 members prior to the departure of MPs loyal to former President Nasheed.