The Ministry of Education has reversed the decision to move to the Cambridge International A-Levels syllabus, it has been confirmed. The ministry had previously said, in a 24 August 2022 statement, that the Cambridge syllabus would be taught at A-levels starting this year, with the first examinations in the October/November cycle next year.

However, Deputy Minister Mohamed Ihsan, who also heads the Department of Public Examination (DPE), said they had reversed the decision as the ministry felt it was not right to change the syllabus from Edexcel to Cambridge at this time.

“Therefore, the A-Level classes, which started last month, will be taught based on the current Edexcel syllabus,” Ihsan said.

While the DPE head has said that schools have been informed of the decision, some schools, speaking to local media, said they had not been formally informed of the change.