Former President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has called upon the members of the newly sworn-in 20th parliament to prioritise the welfare of the people and the nation. President Solih, also the senior advisor of the opposition Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP), highlighted the responsibility bestowed upon the lawmakers by the people, urging them to uphold the Constitution and democratic principles while delivering essential services to the nation.

President Solih, who served as a lawmaker from 1994 until his election as president in 2018, expressed his hope for the members to fully commit to their responsibilities and work tirelessly for the nation’s benefit, underscoring the significance of their commitment.

“I trust that you, esteemed members, will wholeheartedly embrace the weighty responsibility entrusted to you by the people, leveraging your full capabilities to uphold the Constitution and democratic principles and deliver essential services to benefit the people and the nation,” said President Solih, posting to social media.

Meanwhile, Fayyaz Ismail, the leader of the MDP, has congratulated the lawmakers and emphasised their crucial role in protecting the people’s fundamental rights and thereby ensuring the productivity of the 20th parliament.

Following the April parliamentary election, the MDP will be represented by 12 lawmakers in the 20th parliament, compared to the supermajority it held in the 19th parliament.