Minister for Tourism Ibrahim Faisal has said that work on funding projects at designated tourism development areas in Addu city will begin soon.

The minister made the announcement in an interview with local media after completing his visit to Addu during which he met with tourism investors and stakeholders in the region.

The minister said that one key takeaway from the meeting was the realisation that previous administrations had not realistically facilitated the development of land allocated for tourism, and therefore, urgent steps will be taken to find a solution and promptly secure funding for the development of this land.

“Stakeholders mentioned that land has been allocated as tourism zones in Addu. The land has been allocated but there is a problem of funds. I will start arranging the necessary funds through the administration very soon,” Faisal said.

The minister also spoke about the Addu Coastal Tourism Development project, saying that it was a pledge by President Mohamed Muizzu and that work will be carried out swiftly under his guidance.

The Addu Tourism Development Plan was launched by Faisal and Addu City Mayor Ali Nizar during the minister’s visit to the city and, according to the administration, will be implemented over the next five years.