The High Court has dismissed an appeal by former attorney general Aishath Azima Shakoor, challenging the Civil Court’s early January ruling that ordered her to pay MVR 4 million to the Maldives Islamic Bank (MIB) for a loan default.

The High Court confirmed its decision to reject the appeal on Tuesday.

This development follows the Civil Court’s order on 2 January, directing Azima to pay MVR 4 million in outstanding loan payments and penalties. The lawsuit by MIB stemmed from a loan issued in 2016, for which Shakoor had put down an apartment at the Platinum Residence in Hulhumalé as collateral.

The court found that Shakoor failed to make regular loan payments as stipulated in the agreement and ordered her to settle MVR 4.1 million in outstanding payments and penalties within a six-month period. This ruling was issued in absentia.

Shakoor filed an appeal with the High Court on 9 January, citing her inability to repay the loan due to legal challenges from the previous administration that hampered her legal career. She also claimed that the ruling was issued while she was in discussions with the bank to restructure the loan.

The court’s decision comes in the wake of the Malé City mayoral by-elections, in which Shakoor, representing the main ruling PNC, faced defeat. She lost to Adam Azim, the main opposition MDP candidate, by a significant margin, despite being considered one of the frontrunners. The recent legal setback adds to the challenges faced by Shakoor, intertwining her financial, legal, and political struggles.