The Ministry of Construction and Infrastructure is seeking consultants to conduct preliminary surveys, assessments and a feasibility study for the proposed Thinadhoo – Kaadedhdhoo link project in Gaafu Dhaalu (GDh) Atoll, the ministry announced on Tuesday.

The ministry is seeking, according to the published terms of reference (TOR), a comprehensive design of the proposed link which may extend beyond a bridge itself, including associated
a highway link road as well as, where required, coastal and shore protection elements — the period of consultancy engagement is set as 45 days from the date of signing.

The chosen consultant will be tasked with conducting a comprehensive feasibility study, in collaboration with the ministry and relevant stakeholders, which will involve exploring various alternatives to determined the most economically viable, technically feasible, and environmentally sound solution for the proposed link, the ministry said, going on to highlight that it was imperative that the link project avoid conflicts with current and future marine traffic in and around harbours, as well as to vessels en-route to nearby islands.

While a detailed breakdown of the expected outcomes and work, in addition to documentation to be submitted on the interested parties, is outlined in the TOR, consultants were encouraged to propose additional personnel — in addition to the ministry’s basic outlined expectations — to guarantee the successful fulfilment of the assignment, the ministry said.

The deadline, for submission of expressions of interests (EOIs) for the preliminary works on the Thinadhoo – Kaadedhdhoo link project, is 31 January 2024 by 12:00 noon. Only shortlisted companies will be invited to submit proposals, the ministry said.

The distance between Kaadedhdhoo, where Kaadedhdhoo Airport is located, and Thinadhoo, is 4.4 km.

While President Mohamed Muizzu, during his recent visit to China, had sought investment for the Thinadhoo – Kaadedhdhoo link project, none had expressed interest in the project thus far. However, the administration has received an offer from an Egyptian company to work on the Addu Hithadhoo – Hulhudhoo connectivity project.