The ongoing investigation into the assault on Prosecutor General Hussain Shameem, which took place on 31 January, has been escalated to an attempted murder case. The office of the Prosecutor General has confirmed that the case is now in the duty prosecution stage, involving direct prosecution oversight due to the severity of the allegations.

Originally investigated as an assault, the case’s trajectory shifted upon uncovering evidence suggesting a deliberate intent to end Shameem’s life. A senior official from the Prosecutor General’s office elaborated that given the attack was aimed with lethal intent, they are now proceeding under the premise of attempted murder.

Shameem became a target of this violent attack as he attempted to enter his residence after parking his motorcycle. The assault resulted in a bone fracture to his left forearm, inflicted by a hammer blow.

The police have made substantial progress in the investigation, arresting seven individuals believed to be involved in the attack. According to recent statements from the police, the Criminal Court has ordered that all seven suspects, confirmed to be Maldivian men, be remanded in custody for the duration of their trial.

These arrests were made at various stages of the investigation, reflecting the police’s ongoing efforts to unravel the circumstances leading to the assault. The initial capture of two suspects, identified shortly after the incident, revealed their supposed links to a Malé-based gang. Further inquiries suggested that these individuals had altered their motorcycle’s number plate and wore helmets and masks to conceal their identities, indicating premeditation.