The Regional Airports Company Ltd. (RACL), the operator of Maavarulu Airport, has announced the acquisition of an ambulance buggy to improve the safety and comfort of passengers requiring medical assistance.

Maavarulu Airport, which opened its doors on 4 July 2020, is situated on an uninhabited island, separate from other populated islands in the atoll, making the use of ambulances operated by healthcare centres on inhabited islands impossible.

Previously, passengers in need of medical assistance were transported on a small pickup truck, a solution that was not only uncomfortable but also posed safety risks. The introduction of the ambulance buggy, equipped with a gurney bed, is a significant improvement that will provide much-needed comfort and safety to these passengers, RACL said in a statement.

“The operation of the ambulance buggy will significantly improve the safety of patients who need to be carried to and from aircraft. It will also expedite the transport of such patients,” the statement read.

The acquisition is part of a broader initiative led by RACL’s Managing Director Ahmed Mubeen to improve services available at its airports across the country.