Maldives Airports Company Ltd. (MACL) has signed an agreement with the Ministry of Family and Social Development to provide internship opportunities for persons with disabilities to promote inclusivity and empowerment. This initiative aims to offer valuable work experience and training to individuals with disabilities, enabling them to contribute meaningfully to society.

Under the terms of the agreement, MACL has committed to providing five internship slots to persons with disabilities within one year. The programme seeks to empower individuals with disabilities by allowing them to work alongside their peers and gain the necessary skills to thrive in the employment sector, the state-owned company said in a statement.

Through this internship programme, MACL aims to equip participants with the capabilities and experience required to pursue their desired career paths. The initiative also serves as a platform for employers to collaborate with persons with disabilities, fostering an inclusive work environment and promoting diversity in the workforce.

At the ceremony, Deputy Managing Director Mohamed Lam’aan, representing MACL, expressed the company’s commitment to providing interns with comprehensive work experience and training. He noted the importance of creating opportunities for individuals with disabilities to gain valuable skills and contribute to the workforce.

State Minister Ahmed Athif, who signed the agreement on behalf of the Family and Social Development Ministry, underscored the capabilities of persons with disabilities and stressed the significance of their meaningful participation in social development.