Mariyam Ru’ya Ali, a promising young sprinter, has shattered the national record in the women’s 100-metre category. This feat was achieved at the Jamaica Athletics Administrative Association (JAAA) All Comers Meet in Jamaica, marking a significant milestone in her burgeoning athletic career.

Ali’s record-breaking performance comes in the wake of Aishath Himna Hassan’s record set at the 2022 Olympic Games. Hassan had managed to break a 21-year-long record held by Samha Ahmed, who had set the record at the 2001 World Championship in Canada with a time of 12.27 seconds. Hassan surpassed this with a time of 12.17 seconds.

However, Ali has now rewritten the national record books, completing the 100-metre sprint in a remarkable 12.02 seconds at the JAAA All Comers Meet. This achievement follows her record-breaking performance in April, where she set a new record in the 100-metre junior category. After 22 years, Ali broke the record previously held by Ahmed at the MVP Velocity Fest 14 in Kingston, Jamaica, completing the sprint in 12.21 seconds.

The JAAA All Comers Meet also witnessed new national records set by Mohamed Minhal Shamin and Ziva Moosa Shafeeu. Shamin set a new 100-metre junior national record in the men’s category, finishing the race in 10.73 seconds, breaking his own record set in 2023 at the Asian Games. Meanwhile, Shafeeu set a new 200-metre junior national record with a time of 25.60 seconds, surpassing the previous record held by Ahna Nizar at the 2023 Asian Games.