Foreign Affairs Minister Moosa Zameer, representing the Maldives, addressed the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM)’s Ministerial Meeting in Kampala, Uganda on Wednesday. The session, presided over by Uganda’s Foreign Minister Odongo Jeje Abubakher, saw Zameer emphasising the necessity for NAM to adapt in an increasingly interconnected and globalised world.

Zameer opened his speech expressing solidarity with the Palestinian people and their pursuit of an independent state, reaffirming the Maldives’ unwavering support. He then underscored NAM’s historical role as a unifying force amidst ideological and geopolitical turmoil.

With an eye towards the future, Zameer urged NAM members to revitalise the Movement, highlighting the urgency to evolve amidst global complexities. His vision for NAM’s transformation included an overhaul of existing working methods, a shift towards more dynamic and comprehensive approach to new and emerging challenges, and leading reforms in global governance, particularly within the United Nations.

NAM, established in 1961, comprises 120 countries not aligned with major power blocs. Since the Cold War’s end, its focus has broadened to include a variety of contemporary challenges. The Maldives joined NAM in 1976 and has played an active role in its evolution.