The land use plan for the allocation of plots in Hulhumalé, Gulhifalhu, and Giraavaru under the government’s ‘Binveriya’ scheme was published on Wednesday.

In the plan, the Ministry of National Planning, Housing, and Infrastructure identified land use for residential purposes, commercial areas, sports and recreation, as well as industrial and utility purposes. Environmentally protected areas were also identified.

While the Decentralisation Act mandates land use plans be approved for all inhabited islands, plans for some districts remain unpublished.

The Ibrahim Mohamed Solih administration had decided to allocate land to 97 percent of applicants who had applied under the scheme, with handovers to be completed before the administration’s term ends on 17 November.

Out of the 18,955 who had applied, 9,003 plots have been allocated, with 1,351 plots to be allocated from Hulhumalé and 2,219 in Gulhifalhu. Additionally, 5,433 plots will be granted from Giraavaru.

The Solih administration is currently in the process of registering and handing over the allocated plots.