A resolution has been submitted to the Maldives Parliament, strongly condemning Israel’s escalating assaults on Palestinian civilians in Gaza and the West Bank and calling for an immediate suspension of diplomatic and trade relations with Israel.

The motion, put forth by Saud Hussain, the Member of Parliament for Villingili constituency, seeks to implement a sweeping embargo on Israeli products and prohibit Israeli tourists from visiting the Maldives.

According to the Palestinian Health Ministry, Israeli air raids on Gaza have so far killed at least 2,329 Palestinians, including 724 children, and wounded over 9,000. The continued acts of war have left Gaza in ruins as Israel continues its aggressive posturing and intensify its attacks, bolstered by unequivocal support from the United States and other Western governments.

The motion also calls on Israel to withdraw from all occupied Palestinian territories and urged the Maldivian government to maintain the measures against Israel until peace is established in the region.

Hussain stated, “In such a situation, it is important for parliament, on behalf of the Maldivian people, to express our collective disgust and dissatisfaction over Israel’s actions. It has to be shown. That is why I have moved this resolution calling for sanctions against Israel.”

As world leaders continue to weigh in with words, and in the absence of concrete political actions, protests have erupted across the world in solidarity with Palestine. On Friday, the Maldives also staged protests in support of the Palestinian people.

The United Nations agency supporting Palestinian refugees reports that an estimated one million Gazans have been displaced within the first seven days of conflict with Israel. Aid groups have described the situation in the besieged enclave as “catastrophic.”