Data released by the Maldives Police Service has shown a significant increase in theft cases during the first quarter of this year.

A total of 5,805 cases were reported, making theft the most prevalent crime. The data emphasises the growing concern for public safety and highlights the need for enhancing security measures.

Out of the 3,508 cases investigated by the police, the majority, 2,520, were reported from Male’ City, highlighting its prominence in the crime statistics. Furthermore, the police completed investigations on 1,034 cases, resulting in 136 cases being forwarded for prosecution.

Within the category of theft and robbery, the police recorded 2,079 reported cases. Among these, the police have cocluded investigations on 964 cases. They have concluded investigations on 304 cases and forwarded 25 cases for prosecution. Notably, the police have also made arrests in connection with 153 theft cases.

Residential areas were the primary targets for theft, with 159 burglary cases reported to the police. Mobile phone theft and motorcycle theft followed closely, with 105 and 103 cases reported, respectively.

Wide range of crimes reported

The overall crime statistics paint a concerning picture. In addition to theft, the police reported 1,154 drug cases, 1,096 cases of road accidents, 402 cases of physical abuse, 333 cases of various types of threats, 286 cases of cybercrime, blackmail, and fraud, 190 cases of various types of child abuse, 146 cases of domestic violence, and 119 cases of sexual assault.

Traffic violations also remain a significant concern, with over 10,000 vehicles tagged for various infractions. Driving without a license was the most common offense, with 824 individuals found driving illegally. Furthermore, the police affixed stickers to 10,617 vehicles for illegal parking, shedding light on the persistent issue of limited parking space within Male’ City.

During this period, the police made notable seizures of illicit substances. A total of nine kilograms of cannabis, 3.1 kilograms of cocaine, 2.2 kilograms of heroin, and 2.2 kilograms of other drugs were confiscated in various operations.

The rising number of theft cases and traffic violations underscores the urgent need for action from the authorities. As today’s report sheds light on the situation, addressing the root causes of these issues and implementing effective measures to ensure the safety and well-being of the population becomes paramount.