The Maldives has emerged as the top destination offering the highest discounts for tourists, according to a survey conducted by Bounce, a leading travel platform. In the analysis, Bounce examined destinations with the most significant price differences between peak and off-peak seasons, revealing potential savings for discerning travellers.

Topping the list is the Maldives, which offers up to 85 percent discount on travel packages from January to August, according to the analysis. The Maldives witnesses its peak season in January, when the weather is ideal for beach holidays. The substantial price difference during this period indicates the high demand for the Maldives’ luxury resorts and overwater bungalows, which are emblematic of this idyllic destination, Bounce said.

Conversely, August is considered the start of the off-peak season due to a higher likelihood of rain, and it sees significantly lower prices, offering considerable savings for travellers. Nonetheless, it should be noted that the peak tourism season in the Maldives, spanning from December to January, is characterised by elevated pricing structures across tourism establishments and accommodations.

Greece and Egypt emerged as the second and third top destinations, offering the highest discounts for tourists. The survey revealed that Greece and Egypt offer substantial potential savings for travellers. In Greece, travellers can expect to find competitive prices for vacation packages, with discounts reaching up to 65 percent, according to Bounce. Similarly, Egypt offers enticing deals with savings of up to US$9,950 on various adventures.

The Maldives has been distinguished as the World’s Leading Destination for four consecutive years, conferred by the World Travel Awards. The consistent attainment of this accolade underscores the Maldives’ persistent allure and superior hospitality, even in the face of intense competition from other globally acclaimed tourist destinations.