Following internal discord within the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP), supporters of former President Mohamed Nasheed are preparing to submit to the Elections Commission the required documents to register a new political party today. The spokesperson for the new party, Afshan Latheef, announced that the official name of the party will be disclosed after the registration application is submitted.

The submission of the registration application marks an important milestone in the formation of the new political party, as its members seek permission to establish an independent political entity amid the internal rift within the MDP. The decision to form a new party was announced during a press conference held by prominent figures aligned with President Nasheed.

“After the submission of the registration application, a press conference will be held to provide further details about the party,” said Afshan.

With the submission of the registration application today, the new party aims to gain official recognition from the EC, allowing active engagement with the electorate. As the nation prepares for the upcoming presidential election, this development adds an element of intrigue to the political landscape and has the potential to reshape electoral dynamics, according to analysts.

The formal registration of the new party will follow a thorough examination of the submitted documents to ensure compliance with established guidelines by the Elections Commission.