Police have arrested Hassan Mamdhooh, who has been implicated in a scandal involving the K-Park luxury flats project in Hulhumale’, considering him a flight risk, just a day after the Criminal Court ordered the release of his passport.

The arrest warrant was issued on Tuesday by the Hulhumale’ Magistrate Court after the Criminal Court overturned its previous ruling that banned Mamdhooh, the minority shareholder of the K-Park developer Hanbo Company Pvt Ltd., from leaving the country.

Mamdhooh’s passport had been confiscated in May due to concerns that he posed a flight risk. However, the judge overturned this ruling, stating that the passport was required for an “emergency trip.” As a condition of his passport’s release, Mamdhooh was ordered to report back and notify the court within 45 days.

The Prosecutor General’s Office has expressed concern over the court’s decision and announced its intention to explore alternative means to prevent Mamdhooh from leaving the country. They plan to file a claim at the High Court seeking additional measures to ensure that he remains within the jurisdiction.

The K-Park scandal revolves around Mamdhooh’s role as the Maldivian agent for the Korean tech company counterpart of Hanbo Company Pvt Ltd. He was entrusted with the marketing and sales of the K-Park flats, a high-end residential project comprising 110 luxury apartments. The project began in November 2016.

Allegations against Mamdhooh and his close associate, Jaishan Saeed, involve the double-selling of flats to different buyers, as well as the forgery of Shihu Jin’s signature on sales and purchase agreements. The affected buyers, who had purchased the apartments for prices ranging from MVR 3 to 6 million, now face uncertainty regarding their investments and are eagerly awaiting potential compensation.