A 19-year-old man was left seriously injured when a collision between a motorcycle and a bus occurred in Phase 2 of Hulhumale’ earlier today.

The accident was reported to the police at approximately 9 a.m. this morning. The injured man, whose identity remains undisclosed, is currently receiving medical treatment at Hulhumale’ Hospital. Although the hospital has not commented on the extent of his injuries, images circulated on social media depict severe bruising. One of the glass-panelled side-doors of the bus was shattered in the collision.

Hulhumale’ Phase 2 has seen a significant increase in dangerous road accidents in recent months. Today’s incident follows a tragic accident in April, where a man lost his life in a similar collision. Additionally, several individuals suffered serious injuries in a separate accident in the same month, while a 20-year-old man is still in hospital after suffering life-threatening injuries in a pickup-motorcycle collision that occurred in the same area last month.

The cause of today’s accident is currently under investigation. Meanwhile, authorities are urging all drivers to exercise utmost caution while on the roads to help prevent similar incidents.