Former Maldives President and Parliament Speaker Mohammed Nasheed has lodged a complaint with the police, seeking an investigation into a Twitter account run under the pseudonym “Hassan Kurusee.” Nasheed, in a letter to the police, expressed concern that some people have mistaken the Twitter account as his own, and there are rumors suggesting that he is behind it.

The Twitter account under the pseudonym “Hassan Kurusee” has reportedly been targeting individuals who do not support Nasheed or his faction in the ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP). In addition to this, the account has leaked documents and highlighted alleged corruption cases involving people who are not aligned with Nasheed’s political ambitions.

Some MDP leaders and others have accused Nasheed of being behind the account, alleging that it is owned by him and some of his associates. However, Nasheed has denied these claims and has asked the police to investigate the ownership of the account.

Nasheed’s complaint to the police seeks to determine the true identity of the person behind the pseudonym “Hassan Kurusee” and the ownership of the account. He has asked the police to investigate the matter thoroughly and take necessary action in accordance with the law.

The case has caused a stir in Maldive’s political circles, with some calling for a full investigation into the matter. The police are yet to comment on the complaint.

The incident highlights the growing influence of social media in the Maldives, with many politicians and public figures using Twitter and other platforms to express their views and engage with the public.

The police are expected to take up the matter and investigate it accordingly.