Prices of goods and services fell in November compared to October this year, the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) has revealed. According to the agency’s Consumer Price Index (CPI), prices fell by 0.48 percent in November compared to October.

Excluding changes to the prices of fish, inflation fell by 0.50 percent.

Goods and services that decreased in prices include;

  • Mobile Phone Communication Services Section (-9.42 percent)
  • Fruit section (-5.60 percent)
  • Household Hardware (-1.33 percent)
  • Electricity (-0.31 percent)

However, prices of some commodities, including vegetables, meat and eggs, rose.

Prices which went up include those for;

  • Vegetables (+1.41 percent)
  • Shoes and Footwear (+1.37 percent)
  • Sugar, Jam, Honey, Chocolate (+1.32 percent)
  • Gas section (+1.10 percent)
  • Road fish section (+0.69 percent)
  • Eggs and dairy products (+0.31 percent)
  • Garments (+1.12 percent)