The opposition Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) has called for an investigation by the Parliament’s National Security Services Committee (241 Committee) into the alleged failure of security forces to protect Members of Parliament (MPs). This follows incidents of disorder and violence that disrupted Sunday’s extraordinary parliamentary session intended for the confirmation of President Dr Mohamed Muizzu’s cabinet appointments.

During the session, the MDP issued a directive to reject certain ministerial nominees, leading to escalated tensions. MPs from the MDP later reported receiving death threats and expressed concerns about their safety within the Majlis (Parliament) premises. MP Ahmed Saleem, representing Hoarufushi, highlighted the MPs’ state of worry and fear due to perceived security lapses by the Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF), responsible for parliamentary security.

The parliamentary session, initially adjourned on Sunday morning, was scheduled to resume at 1:30 pm for the cabinet vote. However, it was further delayed as government MPs disrupted the proceedings. Concurrently, a protest occurred outside the Parliament building, involving ministers and senior government officials. During this protest, projectiles were thrown into the Parliament compound, with Maafannu Medhu MP Ibrahim Rasheed of The Democrats claiming a targeted attack.

In a letter to Speaker Mohamed Aslam, Eva Abdulla, MP for Galolhu Uthuru and a member of The Democrats, reported that protesters had scaled the walls and thrown projectiles into the compound. She requested the 241 Committee investigate whether the MNDF and police upheld their constitutional responsibilities during these events.

Death threats were also made against MDP MPs, as reported by Kendhikolhudhoo MP Ahmed Easa, who received a call from an anonymous number threatening him and his fellow party MPs. These threats coincided with physical altercations in the Parliament chamber, including a fight between Easa and ruling coalition MP Abdulla Shaheem Abdul Hakeem.