President Dr Mohamed Muizzu has levelled serious allegations against the opposition parties, Maldives Democratic Party (MDP) and The Democrats, as campaigning heats up ahead of the mayoral by-election in Malé. 

Addressing a rally for the government’s candidate Aishath Azima Shakoor, Muizzu criticised the opposition for allegedly undermining the democratic process in parliament and hindering the government’s development efforts.

The President’s comments targeted the opposition’s parliamentary majority, which he claims is being used to disrupt governmental functions. Muizzu highlighted the risk of electing mayoral candidates from these parties, suggesting they would follow party directives rather than prioritising public interests. He expressed concerns that if opposition candidates win, they may obstruct government projects, thus impeding the realisation of his vision for Malé.

Concurrently, Muizzu underscored the accomplishments and visions of the government, positioning the ruling party’s candidate Shakoor, as crucial for speedy implementation of governmental plans. He emphasised his commitment to decentralisation, a key policy during his tenure as mayor, and urged public support for Shakoor to ensure smooth governance and development.

However, the opposition has not been silent in the face of these assertions. Deputy Speaker of Parliament and Hoarafushi MP Ahmed Saleem, addressing rumours of an impeachment attempt against Muizzu, clarified that the MDP has not yet decided on such an action. Saleem stated that while impeachment is constitutionally permitted, it has not been officially discussed or instructed by the party. This statement came after the MDP amended the rules regarding the impeachment process, fuelling speculation about a potential move against the President.

The upcoming mayoral election in Malé has thus become a focal point in the broader political dynamics of the Maldives. With three political party candidates and two independents vying for the position, the election is set against a backdrop of intense political debate and strategic manoeuvring.