The incoming administration will present a proposal to the Parliamentary Budget Committee aimed at allocating state funds to media organisations, President-elect Mohamed Muizzu has confirmed.

Muizzu, in the lead-up to his election win, had pledged to allocate a percentage of the state’s budget to the media to counter the financial hurdles faced by the organisations. The 2024 budget did not reflect the allocation because his administration had yet to consult with journalists, he said on Monday during a meeting with the local media.

A new ‘media village’ will be set up in Malé, which will serve as a dedicated office space for media entities, he said, adding that his administration is committed to transparency and has no intention of withholding any information.

“Let me assure you, our administration will operate with complete transparency. We believe those who serve the public should have nothing to conceal. If the public seeks information, we have to provide clear and concise explanations,” he stated. “I have assembled a team that, with God’s grace, will strive to uphold this principle. Be it the Cabinet or state-owned enterprises, they will be guided by individuals who share this philosophy.”

“I want to assure you [the media] that my administration, which is set to commence on 17 [November], will operate with the utmost transparency. We are committed to providing comprehensive responses to all inquiries from your colleagues. You have my unequivocal guarantee on this matter,” he added.

The media had been ‘enslaved’ because of its reliance on advertising revenue from state-owned companies, Muizzu had said earlier during his presidential election campaign. He is set to take the oath of office on Friday, 17 November.