President-elect Mohamed Muizzu has expressed full confidence that his transitional teams will engage with every government agency before he takes office to ensure that none of the current administration’s agreements are hidden or undisclosed. The incoming president made the remark during a victory speech Monday night and also requested that his teams act vigilantly during the transition period and up to the moment he takes office.

“We will need to look at the information. That is, I want to do real work for the people. To produce results. So, it would not be right to hide one part of an agreement and show the other,” he said.

Muizzu said President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih had assured him, during their initial meeting after the election win, that the government would act very responsibly during the transitional period.

One of the biggest issues raised by Muizzu, during his presidential campaign, was the Solih administration’s refusal to disclose agreements signed by the government that include various agreements with India.

President-elect Muizzu said when he takes office on 17 November, he will do so with the commitment to run the government at a ‘high speed’. However, Muizzu requested the cooperation of the parliament.

“There are elected officials in parliament. They will also want to respect the democratic process. So even within these [transitional] days. As such I request, and have confidence, that the Parliament give me its full cooperation,” Muizzu said.