Malé Mayor and Progressive Party of the Maldives (PPM) endorsed People’s National Congress (PPM/PNC) candidate, Mohamed Muizzu, has said that “fake” audio and video clips are being circulated because there is nothing substantive to hold against him. The statement is made in reference to audio recordings that have recently leaked, in which a man believed to be Muizzu is heard saying that former President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom will not be released under a Muizzu administration. The obvious nature of the leaks being fake is why he has felt that a response is not required, the presidential hopeful said.

“There are different ways to make audio. There are different ways to manipulate audio. The anti-campaign has gone to the extreme,” he said at a campaign event on Thursday night.

Muizzu went on to reassure supporters that he would always speak the truth, saying the past would speak to that and he had nothing to hide. In the current administration’s five years they could not dig up anything to show against him, and if there was, they would have been quick to do so, he said.

“I am not worried about these [false] accusations against me. I don’t think I should fall to the same level as others [the opposition]. There will be no [authentic] audio or video that can be used against me… I have never done anything against the law. I will never do anything against the law. I will not do anything except in the way of justice,” Muizzu said.

Muizzu has also said that the anti-campaign against him is spreading lies about former President Yameen but offered reassurances that he would always be loyal.

“My loyalty to Yameen can be seen from [my] past [actions]. I will continue in my efforts through what I have learned from President Yameen, by delivering for the country at a fast pace,” Muizzu explained.

The Malé Mayor said he had requested, over many instances, that the current administration move Yameen home and that if elected, he would do so on his first day in office.

Muizzu went on to underscore that he is of sincere intentions and aims to ensure the independence of the country. He said the governing administration should establish a just government and serve every citizen equally, and justly.

Malé Mayor Mohamed Muizzu, the PPM/PNC candidate, and incumbent President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) candidate, having garnered the most votes in the first round with 46 percent and 39 percent respectively, will compete for the nation’s top job in the second round run-off of the presidential elections on 30 September.