Incumbent President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, who is seeking re-election, has guaranteed that he will fulfill all the pledges he made to the islands during his 2018 election campaign.

Stating that all the pledges were part of a well-researched and carefully projected manifesto, he clarified that the total cost was estimated to be between MVR 43-45 billion, reiterating confidence that all will come to fruition before the end of his current term.

President Solih also assured that he would be able to finance the remaining projects, highlighting that state revenue has increased during his five years in office. He also noted that the pledges made for his re-election bid currently stands at MVR 31 billion, and was also done with proven formulas.

He pointed out that when he assumed power in 2018, state revenue stood at MVR 22 billion; it has since grown to MVR 34 billion. He projected that under his leadership, state revenue would further increase to MVR 45 billion by 2026.

He assured his supporters that all pledges made for his re-election campaign would be fulfilled, citing his proven track record as evidence.