The Maldives Airports Company (MACL) will revert to paying 50 percent of employee salaries in U.S. dollars, the company announced on Wednesday. The company stated that all employees will receive half of their salary in U.S. dollars starting this month.

MACL had paid 50 percent of salaries in U.S. dollars before the COVID-19 pandemic but switched back to 100 percent Maldivian Rufiyaa salary payments during and after the pandemic.

Companywide bonuses for MACL staff have also been significantly higher compared to other local employers, including at other State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs). The company has paid MVR 25,000 per employee as bonuses this year, as well as in 2022.

Velana International Airport, run by MACL, is one of the largest employers in the Maldives with more than 3,500 employees.