President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih revealed on Sunday that the land allotments for beneficiaries of the ‘Binveriya’ housing scheme would commence in August. Making the announcement during the inauguration of the land reclamation project on Gulhifalhu Island, President Solih underscored the significant positive implications of the project for the entire country.

Speaking at the function, President Solih described the Gulhifalhu land reclamation initiative as a transformative development endeavour, despite its location in the Malé region. He emphasised that the project would bring about a remarkable change in the Malé region, particularly by addressing the pressing housing situation in the area.

Aside from catering to the housing needs of the Binveriya housing scheme, the expansive 150-hectare land reclamation project will also contribute to the development of the Gulhifalhu port. President Solih disclosed that the government intends to allocate 2,000 housing plots in Gulhifalhu under the scheme, while reserving another 2,000 in Giraavarufalhu.

The land reclamation project in Giraavarufalhu is already underway and has successfully reclaimed 20 hectares of land. Additionally, as part of the Binveriya housing scheme, 2,200 plots will be allocated in Hulhumalé, bringing the total number of land plots granted under the programme to 6,200. In light of the growing demand for residential land, President Solih announced that the administration is actively exploring ways to increase the availability of land for residential purposes.

The administration is planing to begin issuing land plots to the beneficiaries of the Binveriya scheme next month. The preliminary list of recipients will be carefully reviewed, and any complaints or inquiries will be duly addressed, as per the government. President Solih affirmed that the government’s objective of creating a “prosperous, safe Maldives” for its citizens remains the driving force behind every agreement signed, ground broken, and initiative undertaken.

Emphasising that the Binveriya housing scheme is the most extensive housing initiative ever undertaken in the Maldives, President Solih highlighted its far-reaching positive implications. He also underscored the potential economic benefits of relocating the Malé Commercial Harbour and constructing an international port at Gulhifalhu.

To execute the Gulhifalhu land reclamation project and facilitate the Binveriya housing scheme and the Gulhifalhu Port project, the government has commissioned Boskalis Westminster Contracting Ltd., a renowned contractor in the field.