The Democrats, a political faction that emerged from the main opposition Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP), have made their discontent known amid the growing criticism surrounding the Muizzu administration. The government is under intense scrutiny, facing increasing backlash from opposition political parties and the public, with allegations of mismanagement and corruption widespread on social media platforms.

In a recent interview with a local media outlet, Hassan Latheef, the President of The Democrats and Member of Parliament for West Henveiru, portrayed President Muizzu as a leader lacking vision and governance expertise. He acknowledged that the MDP-led government had its issues but emphasised that the current administration’s shortcomings are far more severe, leading the country towards an uncertain and potentially troubling future.

Latheef also expressed concerns about the Muizzu administration’s foreign policy, which he described as in disarray. He contrasted this with the MDP-led government’s strong ties with bilateral partners and its strength in the multilateral arena, which he commended.

“Never have we intentionally shown disrespect towards any nation, even though we have openly expressed reservations about certain policies implemented by China. However, the current administration’s foreign policy towards India is on an entirely different scale. We also observe a lack of effort in establishing close relations with other countries,” stated Latheef, emphasising the significance of fostering strong ties with neighbouring nations.

Latheef further questioned President Muizzu’s awareness of the happenings within his own government. He cited the example of a State Trading Organization (STO) staff member who was demoted for allegedly criticising Muizzu on social media. Despite President Muizzu’s denial of the allegations, a letter circulated on social media signed by the general manager of STO contradicted his claims.

“I think President Muizzu lacks the necessary insight into the events transpiring within his administration. This is evident to us,” Latheef articulated.

Latheef warned of a dire and irreversible situation if the governing coalition secures a majority in the upcoming parliamentary elections. He stressed the importance of the parliament in holding the government accountable and expressed concerns about the nation’s future if the current government secures a majority in parliament.

“The other peril lies in the fact that the parliament exists to hold the government accountable, and given the current state of this government, if they secure a majority in parliament, then we might as well disregard everything. There will be no prospect for this nation,” Latheef declared.

In the meantime, the MDP has been expressing significant criticism towards the government, imploring voters to prevent the People’s National Congress (PNC)-led government from obtaining a majority in the forthcoming parliamentary elections. The MDP cautioned that should the PNC-led government secure a majority in parliament, the nation could descend into an irreversible and precarious condition.