As the new government prepares to assume office, questions loom over the future of the highly popular Gedhoruveriya and Binveriya housing schemes initiated by the outgoing administration. The schemes aim to address the pressing housing needs in the Malé region, receiving an overwhelming response with more than 40,000 applications submitted in the second round alone.

On Wednesday, the Office of President-elect Dr Mohamed Muizzu announced that a decision has not yet been made regarding how to proceed with the second round of applications for these housing schemes. Transitional Spokesperson Mohamed Firuzul Abdulla Khaleel said they are currently discussing the matter and will soon arrive at a decision.

Further complicating matters, the outgoing government has not confirmed whether they will process these applications before the end of their term on 17 November, leaving applicants in a state of uncertainty.

The concern is not merely one of administrative transition but also a potential clash of policies. While the outgoing government had announced that the land plots for the second round of the Binveriya scheme would come from Uthuru Thilafalhu, this contradicts the incoming government’s plans.

President-elect Muizzu’s manifesto includes ambitious goals, promising to allocate 65,000 plots of land or flats. Specific plans include 11,900 land plots and 26,000 flats in Fushidhiggarufalhu, reclaiming 89 hectares of land in Giraavaru falhu for over 1,000 land plots and 2,800 flats, and reclaiming 300 hectares of land in Gulhifalhu for over 3,500 land plots and 7,800 flats.

Despite the uncertain climate, Firuzul assured that the President-elect will not deprive individuals who have already received confirmation documents or been gazetted as recipients from the first round. “The President Elect’s commitment is to the previously published list. We are still conferring on what to do about the applications that came following the latter announcement for interest,” Firuzul stated.