The term “domicide” has found its place in the ongoing conflict in Gaza as Israeli forces continue destroying houses and buildings and making parts of Gaza uninhabitable, according to the United Nations.

Israeli forces have arrested 16 Palestinians, bringing the total to 4,520 since the Israeli offensive began on 7 October. Additionally, Israeli forces targeted two schools in northern Gaza, resulting in the reported deaths of 25 Palestinians and the arrests of over 50 individuals, as per Israeli media.

The Israeli army justified raids on the schools, claiming there were Hamas fighters. Civilian infrastructure, including UN-run schools and hospitals, remains a target under the pretext of attacking Palestinian fighters, resulting in numerous civilian casualties.

Meanwhile, the United States is making diplomatic strides to address the crisis on multiple fronts. National Security Advisor to President Biden, Jake Sullivan, held talks with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in the West Bank. The discussions focused on halting civilian casualties, reviving diplomatic channels with Qatari mediation, and pushing for a ceasefire agreement.

Key points of discussion included the establishment of a Palestinian-led authority for Gaza with contributions from Arab countries and the retraining of 3,000 to 5,000 individuals in the West Bank to aid in the recovery of Gaza.

However, challenges persist, particularly regarding Israel’s demand for a buffer zone in Gaza following any withdrawal.

Reports suggest a meeting between the Mossad chief and the Qatari Prime Minister to resume talks on the release of captives. Pressure on Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu intensified after Israeli forces mistakenly killed three captives, leading to the recall of negotiators from Qatar last month. The meeting signals an attempt to revive negotiations and ease tensions.

The Palestinian health ministry has reported that Israeli forces have destroyed parts of Kamal Adwan Hospital and attacked ambulances carrying the wounded. The only operational maternity care centre in Gaza, the al-Sahaba centre, have also been targeted by Israeli forces.