Egypt has proposed a truce formula, suggesting a temporary ceasefire of seven to 10 days, during which all civilians would be released in exchange for Palestinian prisoners. The proposal also includes releasing the female soldiers in exchange for another seven-day ceasefire, followed by a month of negotiations for the release of all military personnel held by Hamas, coupled with Israel pulling back to Gaza’s borders.

Meanwhile, Israeli forces have struck the Maghazi and Bureij refugee camps. Over the last 12 hours, Israeli airstrikes have killed at least 100 Palestinians, with the majority being women and children. The airstrikes targeted homes and buildings, causing extensive damage to neighbourhoods and infrastructure, including roads leading in and out of the refugee camps. The total number of Palestinians killed in Israeli attacks since 7 October has now risen to 20,400, while the revised death toll from Hamas’s attacks on Israel stands at 1,139.

Despite a recent UN Security Council resolution boosting aid to Gaza, the scale of air raids has escalated. The situation has left civilians in Gaza struggling with hunger, severe shortages of necessities such as clean drinking water, and a critical lack of medical supplies.

The Israeli army also faced significant casualties, with many soldiers losing their lives. At least five dead captives’ bodies were recovered from a tunnel in northern Gaza.

Israeli forces conducted house raids, targeting at least 10 locations under the premise of seeking Palestinians for arrest. esidents of Jenin refugee camp in the occupied West Bank report a sustained campaign of harassment, turning their community into the most raided camp in the region.