Hamas has indicated that a truce deal is in the offing with reports suggesting a possible three-to-five-day pause in the fighting. Teams collaborate in Doha, Tel Aviv, Cairo, Rafah, and Gaza to finalise the truce deal. The speculation is that the agreement could be reached tonight or early tomorrow morning.

The potential breakthrough comes after Hamas delivered an announcement to the Qatari government. Hamas has committed to providing a list of individuals to be released. In exchange, they insist on the simultaneous release of Palestinians detained in Israeli jails. Hamas’ insistence on releasing captives over a five-day period is rooted in security concerns. The specifics of how this phased release will unfold remain uncertain.

Gaza health ministry reported that all hospitals in the area are now out of service. At least 20 Palestinians killed in a recent attack on the Nuseirat refugee camp.

The Palestinian death toll now stands at 13,300.

While negotiations for a ceasefire are in progress, the International Red Cross stands ready to facilitate the movement of captives from Gaza into Israel.

The Nuseirat refugee camp in central Gaza has once again bore violence with at least 20 Palestinians killed in an Israeli attack. The homes of a nurse and a civil defence staff were among those targeted.

Dr. Abdel-Lateef al-Haj’s residence, a surgeon’s home, was also levelled in the attack. A member of the al-Haj family revealed that approximately 50 people were in the house at the time of the bombing, with most still trapped under the rubble. The family, who had fled northern Gaza, experienced the bombing firsthand. The incident occurred as Dr. al-Haj was serving at the time of the attack.

The Israeli attacks have affected residential houses and United Nations shelters too. In the last hour, new airstrikes targeted a residential building in the Nuseirat refugee camp, resulting in several Palestinians being wounded. This same camp witnessed an attack earlier in the day, claiming the lives of 20 Palestinians.

In the north, the violence continues in the vicinity of the Indonesian Hospital and Kamal Adwan Hospital.