Five Palestinians were killed, and 17 others wounded in Israeli attacks on two homes in the Nuseirat refugee camp. Residents of Rafah reported that Israeli helicopters targeted the area. Meanwhile, Israeli forces are using explosives to destroy buildings in central Rafah.

After 250 days of its war on Gaza, Israel has killed 15,694 Palestinian children and orphaned 17,000 others. Since October 7th, Israel has killed at least 37,232 Palestinians, mostly women and children, and wounded 85,037 others in Gaza.

Hamas stated it has shown “full positivity” in efforts to reach a ceasefire agreement with Israel. However, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has said that some changes to the deal proposed by Hamas are not workable. Despite these efforts, fighting continues on the streets of Rafah, with Hamas fighters engaging Israeli troops, and the Qassam Brigades reporting clashes in the area.

Israeli ground forces have been operating in Rafah near the Egyptian border since early May, causing international alarm over the fate of displaced people. The western areas of Rafah are under heavy Israeli fire from air, sea, and land. A resident described the intense fire from warplanes, Apaches, quadcopters, artillery, and battleships striking west Rafah.

More than half of Gaza’s agricultural land has been degraded by the Israeli bombing, crucial for feeding the territory’s population. A UN analysis of satellite images from May 2017 to 2024 by UNOSAT and FAO found that 57% of Gaza’s permanent crop fields and arable lands show significant decline in density and health. This deterioration is attributed to conflict-related activities such as razing, heavy vehicle movement, bombing, and shelling. The damage to agricultural land has increased by 30% since the last analysis in April.

The United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) has faced significant operational challenges in Gaza. Israeli authorities frequently prevent the delivery of aid, and there have been limited positive responses to aid delivery requests and movement permits. Israel had alleged that UNRWA employees were involved in the October Hamas attack. An April review by a former French foreign minister found no evidence supporting Israel’s claims.

Since the war began, Israel has intensified attacks on UNRWA. In March, Israel declared it would no longer work with UNRWA but maintained contact.