Mediation efforts persist in an attempt to broker a new humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza and secure the release of hostages. As world leaders gathered at the Doha Forum, Qatar’s Prime Minister, Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman al-Thani, warned of an unprecedented humanitarian disaster unfolding in Gaza. Qatar and its partners remain committed to halting the war, but the ongoing Israeli bombardment is said to be narrowing the window for a successful resolution.

The World Food Programme reports that 36 per cent of Gaza households are now grappling with severe hunger.

The Palestinian Health Ministry declares there is “no safe place to go” in the Gaza Strip. An Israeli strike claimed the lives of 10 people in Khan Younis, adding to the Gaza death toll that has reached 17,700 since 7 October. The revised official death toll in Israel stands at 1,147.

In a diplomatic twist, Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu criticised Western leaders for what he perceived as inconsistency. He argued that supporting a ceasefire contradicts their backing of Israel’s aim to dismantle Hamas.

Israeli forces have advanced into southern Gaza, triggering a mass civilian exodus seeking shelter from the bombardment. The IDF claims to have targeted over 250 targets in the past 24 hours. Casualty figures remain unverified due to challenges in independent verification. The situation has led to the restriction of travel on the main Salah al-Din road near Khan Younis, labelled a battlefield by Israel, forcing residents to detour via a coastal road.

The UN reports that 78% of Gaza’s population, equivalent to 1.93 million people, are now internally displaced.

World Health Organization Chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus warns of a “catastrophic” impact on Gaza’s healthcare sector, creating ideal conditions for the spread of deadly diseases.

Beyond the immediate conflict zone, regional tensions escalate as Hezbollah claims responsibility for rockets fired from Lebanon and an airspace incursion in northern Israel. Jordan’s Foreign Minister, Ayman Safadi, accuses Israel of implementing a systematic policy to displace Palestinians from Gaza, generating hatred with potentially lasting regional consequences.