The White House has presented evidence of what it calls Russia’s use of ballistic missiles from North Korea in attacks against Ukraine. According to the US National Security Council, Russia’s increasing isolation due to sanctions has driven it to seek military hardware from like-minded states such as North Korea and Iran.

John Kirby, a spokesperson from the US National Security Council, addressed the media, alleging that Russia employed a North Korean ballistic missile, with a range of 900km (560 miles), in an attack on Ukraine. The missile reportedly landed in an open field on 30 December. Kirby also pointed out that additional missiles launched by Russian forces on 2 January await assessment for their impact.

The US intelligence suggests that Iranian missiles have not yet reached Russia. However, Kirby noted the imminent likelihood of this transaction.

Kirby highlighted the security implications arising from Russia’s acquisitions, which were speculated to include fighter aircraft, surface-to-air missiles, armoured vehicles, and ballistic missile production equipment. The arrangement between Russia and North Korea was described as part of an exchange for these missiles.

Kirby mentioned the White House’s intent to impose sanctions on individuals facilitating this arms transfer. The US also plans to address Russia’s alleged violation of an international arms embargo at the United Nations.

Underlining the urgency of the situation, Kirby urged Congress to pass an arms supply package for Ukraine. He stressed that Russia’s reliance on foreign arms, coupled with support from nations like Iran and North Korea would reinforce its military capabilities and enable aggressive actions against Ukraine.