Maldivian sprinters have been setting the bar high at the Asian Games in Hangzhou, China, with impressive performances and many record-breaking achievements.

Fasuha Ahmed, in particular, has been a standout athlete, breaking the national record for the women’s 800m once again. This marks her third time breaking the record in the past four months and seven days.

In her most recent race, Fasuha Ahmed crossed the finish line with a remarkable time of 2 minutes 20.66 seconds. This achievement shattered her own previous record of 2 minutes 21.83 seconds, which she had set during the National Team Time Trial last July. Fasuha initially shattered the national record, which had stood for 13 years, with a time of 2 minutes 27.92 seconds.

It’s not just Fasuha who is making her mark; other young athletes from the Maldives are also showcasing their talent at the Asian Games. Sprinter Ahuna Nizar made headlines by breaking the youth record in the 200m event. Additionally, Mohamed Minhal Shamin, also known as Minko, set a national junior record in the 100m race.