Hussain Areef (Ibu) continues his dominance in the Maldivian surfing scene, securing a resounding victory in the fourth competition of Dhivehi Surf League, Randhaa Raalhugandu, held in Thulusdhoo Island, Kaafu Atoll.

This triumph marks the second event that Ibu has won in this year’s League, following his victory in Gamaadhookolhu at Himmafushi Island, Kaafu Atoll. Prior to that, he also made it to the final heat of Mulikolhu Raalhugandu at Muli Island, Meemu Atoll.

Ibu clinched victory at Randhaa Raalhugandu with a total of 16.83 points, triumphing over fellow teammate Ismail Miglal (Kuda Isse). Kuda Isse, on the other hand, scored seven points for his first two waves and eight points for his second wave, accumulating a total of 15 points.

In the final heat, Ibu obtained 7.33 points for his third wave, seizing the lead with an impressive 9.50 points for his ninth wave.

In the semi-finals, Ibu defeated last year’s Dhivehi surf league champion Ahmed Agil (Ammadey) with an impressive score of 9.90 points, while Ammadey scored 6.03 points.

Earlier in the quarterfinals, Ibu secured victory over junior surfer Sayyid Salahuddin, triumphing with a total of 14.17 points, while Sayyid scored 7.77 points. On the other side of the bracket, Ammadey advanced to the semi-finals by defeating his brother Hassan Nasih (Chika) with a score of 14.84 points to Chika’s 8.83 points.

Looking at the semi-final matchups, Kuda Isse earned 13.66 points, outshining Ismail Rasheed (Smiley), who scored a total of 8.84 points.

To reach the semi-finals, Smiley had to overcome Najah Ahmed (Kabo) in the quarterfinals, where Smiley secured 14 points and Kabo achieved 9.70 points. Meanwhile, Kuda Isse scored 12.33 points in the quarterfinals, defeating Mohamed Zayan (Choppu), who earned 8.53 points.

Looking forward, Ibu is now in pole position to win this year’s Dhivehi Surf League with the upcoming final event, the “Rannamari Challenge” as he stands at the top of the leaderboard after already winning two of the four events and making it to the final in another.