Kayan Abdulla Areef (Kaiputi) has won the junior under 18 boys’ division of the Dhivehi Surf League’s third event ‘Gaamaadhookolhu’ after a thrilling final against Yasin Ahmed Nashid.

Kayan defeated Ahmed Nasheed and Mohamed Inan Abdul Hannan in the semi-final.

In an intense quarterfinal heat, Shanif Shafeeq secured his spot in the semi-finals by defeating Ismail Madhuhu Ahmed with an impressive score of 9.50 points. Yasin Ahmed outperformed Mohamed Suman by scoring 14 points in the quarterfinals. Yasin achieved 5.83 points for his first wave and 8.17 points for the second.

The clash between Mohamed Inan Abdul Hannan and Kaiputi in the second semi-final heat added to the excitement. Inan secured his spot in the semi-finals by scoring 10 points in the quarterfinals against Nuh Mohamed Dunaim Irushad. Meanwhile, Kaiputi’s exceptional performance earned him a spot in the semi-finals with a score of 16.33 points, defeating Sayyid Salahuddin in a highly competitive heat. Kaiputi’s final two waves, scoring 7.33 and nine points respectively, sealed his victory.

Moving back to the earlier rounds, the third round of the junior section witnessed intense competition. Ismail Madhuhu Ahmed emerged as the winner of his heat, scoring an impressive 9.33 points. Mohammed Suman secured second place with 5.77 points, showing his proficiency in the competition.

Requalifying and Third Round

In the re-qualifying round and the subsequent third round, Yasin demonstrated his exceptional skills and claimed the top spot in the junior league rankings. Yasin finished first in the second heat of the third round with a remarkable score of 10.67 points. Shanif Shafeeq followed closely behind with 8.03 points.

Inan Abdul Hannan displayed his prowess by securing first place in the third-round heat with an impressive score of 13.67 points. Sayyid Salahuddin finished in second place with 10.10 points. In the final heat of the third round, Kaiputi triumphed with a score of 8.84 points, while Nuh Mohamed Dunaim Irushad secured second place with 5.33 points