Maldives Democratic Party (MDP) president and former president Mohamed Nasheed has filed his nomination papers to contest the presidential primary scheduled to be held later this month.

The primary of the country’s largest party is scheduled to be held on January 28. Candidates can file their nomination papers by 4 pm tomorrow.

Member of West Henveiru constituency Hassan Latheef, who is also the speaker of the parliament, who led Nasheed’s campaign, ‘Anni 2023’, stated in a tweet that Nasheed had filed his nomination papers to contest for the PARTY ticket.

However, the number of members who have signed the form stating their support for Nasheed is unclear.
The current President, Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has also announced that he will be running for the primary. He has also been campaigning to attain support from members.

Nasheed’s supporters have accused the party of removing several lawmakers from the party’s list and misappropriating it. They are also accusing the current government of threatening jobs and forcing them to support president Ibrahim Mohamed Solih. However, the president’s team has denied all these allegations.