The Elections Commission (EC) has announced the final results of the runoff of the Presidential Elections, corroborating the preliminary figures released earlier. The Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM)-endorsed People’s National Congress (PNC) candidate Dr Mohamed Muizzu secured 129,159 votes, amounting to 54.04% of the total valid ballots, while President Solih trailed with 109,868 votes, making up 45.96% of the vote.

The runoff election was necessitated as none of the eight candidates in the first round of polling managed to secure the requisite 50% majority. Muizzu led the first round as well, garnering 46% of the votes, followed by President Solih with 39%. The Democrats’ candidate Ilyas Labeeb came in third in the initial round.

The runoff saw an increased turnout with 245,915 people casting their votes, representing 87% of the eligible voters. Of these, 239,027 votes were declared valid, while 7,888 were invalid.

Ismail Habeeb, Vice Chairperson of the EC, described this election as the “most perfect” ever held in the Maldives, a sentiment echoed by foreign observers and Maldivian citizens alike. “All gratitude is deserved for the beloved Maldivian citizens,” Habeeb said, praising the conduct of voters and the efficiency of the EC.

The commission also lauded President Solih for his graceful acceptance of the results, setting “a beautiful example” according to democratic principles. There were no major incidents of violence or intimidation reported near polling stations, a matter that Habeeb celebrated as a “perfect example of democracy.”

In preparation for his presidency, Muizzu is actively organising the new government he will incept. Committees have been formed by both the current administration and the president-elect to ensure a smooth transition of power.

President Solih’s concession and the high voter turnout have been highlighted as exemplary of the democratic ethos in the Maldives. With both domestic and international observers declaring the election free, fair, and devoid of intimidation, this political event sets a high standard for future elections in the country.